How To Make Bail

How To Make Bail

The professional bail agents at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds can show you how to make bail in Sarasota and Bradenton as well as across Florida. There are no bail bonds that we can’t handle. We never close, so we can bail you out whenever you are arrested. Learn more about how we can assist you in getting out of jail by contacting our office and speaking with a licensed bondsman.

Understanding Bail

Bail is an agreement made between a court and a defendant where the court agrees to release the defendant from its custody in return for a payment that acts as a guarantee that the defendant will return to future appointments with the court.

When May Bail Be Denied?

Bail is a constitutional right of every American citizen protected by the eighth amendment. However, there are instances where bail may be refused by a court. These cases include:

  • Capital offenses such as murder
  • Repeat felony offenses
  • Prior escape from detention or imprisonment
  • Crimes with life sentences or that are subject to the death penalty
  • And more

Courts must balance the interest of public safety with the interest of protecting individual liberty and the right to a fair trial. In cases where bail is denied the court has determined that the threat the defendant poses to the community outweighs the right of the accused to be released on bail.

Why Do I Need A Bondsman?

Frequently bail will be set higher than a defendant can readily afford. In these instances, it is imperative to contact a licensed bondsman immediately so that they can assist you in making bail promptly. A bondsman acts as an insurance agent who provides a bond that stands in place of the defendant while they await trial. Often, bondsmen will require collateral to ensure that the accused returns to trial. The bondsmen at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds can assist you with a payment plan that fits your needs and helps you get out of jail fast.

If the defendant meets all the requirements imposed by the court such as attending all mandatory hearings, then the bond is returned to the insurance company at the conclusion of the trial. If the defendant “skips bail” and does not appear at the required court hearings, then a warrant will be issued for their arrest and the court will keep the full amount of the bond unless the defendant is returned to the custody of law enforcement officials.

East Steps for How to Make Bail

  1. Contact our office
  2. Provide us information about the incarcerated defendant
  3. Pay the mandatory percentage of the bail amount
  4. We post your bail
  5. You are released from the custody of the court

The bail process can be expedited if you are prepared to provide us the necessary information to post bond including:

  • defendant’s full name
  • defendant’s birth date
  • the jail they are being held at
  • the crime they are charged with

Contact the bail experts at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds to learn more about how to make bail in Sarasota and Bradenton and throughout Florida.