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A Diverse Community With A Rich Heritage

Tampa serves as the county seat of Hillsborough County and is rumored to have gotten its name from a word in the Calusa (Native American) language meaning “sticks of fire.” These sticks of fire could be in reference to the powerful lightening storms that cover the area during the summer season.

What would become the bustling city of Tampa, began as nothing more than a small military outpost known as Fort Brooke, built by the United States after acquiring Florida from Spain. The first people to move to the area were early settlers seeking refuge from the ongoing conflict with the Seminole Nation and began inhabiting the area around the fort.

Several industries played a critical role in the development of Tampa such as rail, phosphate and cigar manufacturing.  The advancement of these enterprises occurred during the same period in the 1880s. The location of the city made it ideal for the cigar industry that evolved in its Ybor City region. Tampa is close enough to Cuba that the importation of Cuban tobacco was easy as well as the addition of the South Florida Railroad made shipping the cigars across the United States much more efficient. The discovery of rich phosphate deposits also created a booming industry that was able to utilize the newly constructed rails to become one of the chief exporters of the mineral. Today, phosphate based products such as fertilizer continue to play a prominent role in Tampa’s economy.

The Bail Bonds You Need, When You Need Them

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