Sarasota County

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A Community Defined by Determination

Sarasota County was founded in 1921 and was carved out of Hillsborough and Manatee Counties. Currently, the largest city in the county is North Point, and the county seat is Sarasota. There is no consensus as to how the name Sarasota developed, but local folklore implies that it was named after the conquistador Hernando de Soto’s daughter, Sara. However, records at the Florida League of Cities indicate that the first appearance of the word in print was “Zarazote” on a land grant map published in 1763.

The early history of the county was dominated by one man, Joseph Daniel Anderson. As a child, Anderson moved with his family to Florida from Georgia after the Civil War. He would homestead the land his family settled on and began to exert an enormous amount of influence over the area. Anderson was a successful rancher until the passage of the Range Law Act, which substantially affected his ability to graze his livestock on certain lands. He was a leading innovator in the field of commercial fishing, creating specialized nets that improved a fisherman’s yield as well as devised a way to keep the catch fresh during transport to other markets. Anderson didn’t stop at commercial development, and his leadership extended into numerous other areas of the life of the county. He engaged in several endeavors later in his life including serving as deputy sheriff and game warden, constructing the county’s first school and serving as its trustee, creating the community’s first church, and being elected as a county commissioner.

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