Port Charlotte

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From Underdeveloped to Destination

Nomadic Paleo-Indians were the first people to inhabit the area now known as Port Charlotte. These early Native Americans migrated south during the last age, likely in pursuit of large game like Woolly Mammoths and arrived around 10,000 BCE. Over time, the landscape of Florida changed, and it became the peninsula we know today and indigenous culture evolved with it eventually resulting in the formation of the Calusa culture.

The arrival of European explorers marked a turning point in the development of native society. The diseases the Europeans brought with them annihilated the Native American population. After the United States received control of Florida from Spain in 1821, the Port Charlotte area would go virtually untouched for over a century with major transportation routes circumventing the area altogether.

The post-World War II economic surge experienced across most of the nation provided an opportunity to develop this largely unused land. Port Charlotte gained enough residents during this period to become the highest populated community in Charlotte County. Despite its growth, it remained an unincorporated community and continues to do so today. The development that took place immediately following the end of the second world war helped turn a largely ignored area into a community that was voted one of the ten best places to retire in 2012 by US News and World Report.

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