Lee County

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An Area With A Proud Heritage

Lee County was established in 1887 and was carved out of a portion of Monroe County. Presently, the county seat is Fort Myers and the largest city in the county is Cape Coral. The county’s namesake, Robert E. Lee, was the commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and president of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University).

Lee County and Fort Myers, in particular, have become popular tourist destinations, offering a variety of attractions to suit travelers from all over the country. For instance, the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were located in Fort Myers. In addition, a handful of Major League Baseball teams have called Lee County home during spring training. Today, two storied franchises, the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox have facilities in Lee County.

The city of Fort Myers developed around the military outpost that shares the same moniker. Initially, the fort was built to protect settlers from attacks by Seminole Nation warriors but eventually would be abandoned after the surrender of the Native American warrior Billy Bowlegs. However, the garrison would become militarized again during the American Civil War. Union forces began to occupy the fort in 1863 and would fend off a light attack from a small group of Confederate soldiers in 1865. The Battle of Fort Myers has been dubbed “the southernmost land battle of the American Civil War.”

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