DeSoto County

DeSoto County Bail Agency

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A History Rooted in Discovery

DeSoto County was formed in 1887 and is named after the Spanish conquistador, Hernando de Soto. The land that would become DeSoto County became an American territory, in 1821, after the First Seminole War. After several incarnations under various names formed from different counties, DeSoto County was established by dividing Manatee County in two. Initially, Pine Level served as the county seat, but in November 1888 Arcadia was selected as the new county seat and still serves in this capacity today.

Hernando de Soto is most famous for having been the first European to explore the southeastern United States, and is credited as the first European to cross the Mississippi River. After traversing the landscape of the American Southeast for three years, de Soto would fall ill with a fever in 1542 and would ultimately die from his illness. Because he told the Native American tribes that he was a sun god in order to achieve their submission, his soldiers needed to mask his death. The exact location of Hernando de Soto’s burial is unknown, but according to one account his men sank his body in the Mississippi River  under the cover of night.

Bail Bonds When You Need Them

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