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Being arrested is unpleasant and can often come without notice. After you have been arrested and formally charged with the commission of a crime, you will be given the opportunity to make bail and be released from the custody of local law enforcement officers.

When this moment occurs, it is important to choose a trustworthy and qualified bondsman to help you make bail in Charlotte County. We never close because we know that you can be arrested regardless of what time it is. In addition to being open 24/7, we provide mobile bail services that allow us to meet you at a convenient location to complete the necessary paperwork and help you make bail. Don’t get stuck in jail longer than you need to, call the professional bondsmen at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds to make bail in Charlotte County now.

A Treasured History of a Unique Community

Named after the Bay of Charlotte Harbor,  Charlotte County was formed on April 23, 1921. Presently, the only incorporated city in the county, Punta Gorda, serves as the county seat. During the summer of 2004, Punta Gorda was hit hard by Hurricane Charley. Charley, a category four hurricane, made landfall with winds exceeding 150 miles per hour and caused significant damage to the city as well as other areas of Florida. It had been over forty years since a hurricane made direct contact with the southwest portion of Florida in 1960 when Hurricane Donna wreaked havoc on much of the state. In addition, Charley was the strongest hurricane to hit the Florida coastline since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

The area received its name for the Bay of Charlotte Harbor. However, it has shared several namesakes of similar vernacular consequence that reflect the history of the community. “Charlotte” can be traced back to French, Spanish, English and Native American sources with direct ties to the community. Over time, these influences would combine to create the area’s current name.

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