Arcadia, FL Bail Bonds

Arcadia, FL Bail Bonds

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A City of Strength and Enterprise

The town derives its name from the name of a child who lived in the community before it was organized and was unnamed. Local folklore dictates that the local leader Rev. James Madison “Boss” Hendry named the town after, Arcadia Albritton, the daughter of a pioneer family who baked him a birthday cake.

DeSoto County was created out of Manatee County in 1887, the year after the city of Arcadia, FL incorporated. The former county seat of Pine Level was no longer suitable to serve as the county seat with the redrawn boundaries because it was not geographically central enough to effectively serve the county. An election was held to determine the new county seat and the citizens of Arcadia, FL thrust forward a proposal to build a courthouse at the exclusive expense of the city of Arcadia, FL. This motion would ultimately be enough to convince the people of the county to vote Arcadia, FL the new county seat of DeSoto County.

On Thanksgiving Day 1905, four city blocks in the business district of Arcadia, FL fell victim to a fire that started in a stable in the middle of town. The devastation from the fire was made worse by the fact that there was no fire department or functioning water system. Fortunately, no lives were lost during the fire. The townspeople responded by passing an ordinance the required all buildings in the business district to be constructed using only brick or other substantial stone material.

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