Probation Violation Bonds

Probation Violation Bonds

A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds is the bail bonds agency that can help you with probation violation bonds in Sarasota and Bradenton and throughout all of Florida. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck behind bars for an extended period, contact one of our licensed bondsmen to get bailed out and get back to your life as soon as possible. There is no bond amount too big or too small for our expert staff to assist you with. We never close because we know that you can be arrested at any time of day or night, and we want to be available to help you regardless of the time.

How Does Probation Work?

Probation is a suspended sentence given by a court to a defendant that allows the defendant to be released from the custody of a detention facility as long as the defendant meets a set of requirements set by the court. If the probationer violates any of the conditions of their probation, they can be charged with another crime and be incarcerated or have the terms of their probation expanded.

Several common terms of probation include:

  • meet regularly with your assigned probation officer
  • maintain employment
  • do not violate any laws
  • avoid persons involved in criminal activity
  • complete specified community service hours
  • do not have firearms or weapons in your possession
  • comply with random drug testing

There are two ways to violate probation:

  • Substantive Violation: The defendant has been arrested for the commission of a crime that is distinct from the crime that caused the defendant to be placed on probation.
  • Technical Violation: The defendant fails to satisfy the conditions of their probation either by not performing specific obligations outlined in the probation agreement or by engaging in an activity that is explicitly prohibited by the terms of the probation.

The Bail Bonds Service You Can Rely On

There is no bail amount that we can’t cover. Trusting our experienced bondsmen is making the choice to entrust a company that will put you first and will work diligently to ensure your timely release from the custody of local law enforcement officers. A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds can assist you with any bail including probation violation bonds in Sarasota and Bradenton and across Florida.