Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence is a hypersensitive subject with many complexities. Allow the professional bondsmen at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds to alleviate some of your anxiety during this stressful time by handling your bail bonds needs.  There is no better bail bonds company to assist you with domestic violence bail in Sarasota and Bradenton, as well as the rest of Florida. We provide a myriad of services including mobile bail agents, 24/7 access to our bondsmen and bilingual staff members. Our representatives are more than happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding bail bonds or how we can be of assistance to you during this challenging period.

How Is Domestic Violence Defined in Florida?

The state of Florida broadly categorizes domestic violence as any criminal offense that results in the physical harm or death of one household or family member perpetrated by another household or family member.

A household or family member is considered:

  • past or present spouses
  • individuals related by marriage or blood
  • people living together like a family
  • parents who share a child, regardless of marital status

To be considered a family or household member, the two parties must have previously or currently live together in the same residence (except for two parents that share a common child).

Instances of Domestic Violence:

  • assault
  • aggravated assault
  • battery
  • aggravated battery
  • sexual assault
  • sexual battery
  • stalking
  • aggravated stalking
  • kidnapping
  • false imprisonment

What Are the Penalties For A Domestic Violence Conviction?

  • minimum one-year probation
  • mandatory attendance of a battery intervention program
  • in cases where the offender intentionally caused bodily harm, they must spend a minimum of five days in a county jail
  • if the defendant has violated an injunction for protection from domestic violence, they will get charged with a first-degree misdemeanor and face up to a year in jail

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