The Assault Bail Bonds Authority

The Assault Bail Bonds Authority

If you have been arrested and charged with assault, you need to contact a licensed bail bondsman immediately to ensure that you do not spend any more time behind bars than is necessary. A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds is the authority on assault bail bonds in Sarasota and Bradenton as well as across the state of Florida. Choosing us to handle your assault bail bonds is making the decision to trust a bail agency that places our clients first. Our commitment to our clients extends 24/7 and includes mobile bail services, an emphasis on maintaining your confidentiality and bilingual bail agents. There is no bail bond that is too large or too small for our staff to assist you in posting. Learn more about how we can help you make bail and get back to your life as soon as possible.

What is Assault?

It is a common misconception that the crime of assault requires actual physical  contact and harm to occur in order to be considered a criminal offense. However, assault charges only necessitate that the victim feel a reasonable threat of imminent harm. This means that an assault occurs when intentional threats or actions, that cause someone to feel afraid that violence is impending against, them are made. There is no requirement for physical contact to be charged with an assault. 

Simple Assault

  • second-degree misdemeanor
  • assault against special victims such as law enforcement officials elevates the offense to a first-degree misdemeanor
  • maximum of 60 days jail time
  • fine of no more than $500
  • probation not to exceed 60 days
  • restitution

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault occurs when an assault takes place, and the perpetrator employs a deadly weapon or intends to commit a felony.

  • third-degree felony
  • assault against special victims is considered a second-degree or first-degree felony
  • maximum of five years in prison
  • a fine not to exceed $5,000
  • no more than five years of probation
  • restitution

Important Notes On Assault Convictions:

If a defendant has a prior criminal history, especially a record of assault and battery, it is at the judge’s discretion to enhance any penalties levied.

Probation may be served as a substitute for jail time for either the entirety or a portion of the sentence.

If you are convicted of an assault, you may be required to pay restitution. This is a requirement set by the court for the offender to repay the victim for costs they incurred as a result of the assault such as medical or counseling bills.

Get Bailed Out ASAP

Contact a local bondsman at A Heaven Sent Bail Bonds for assault bail bonds in Sarasota and Bradenton as well as throughout Florida. We can help you make bail quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to sit in jail any longer than is required by law.  There is no bail that we can’t cover. Don’t hesitate to call us to come bail you out and get you home.